Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Day at Greek Peak 2011

   It was a magnificent spring skiing day at Greek Peak.   Lots of sun, blue sky and many geezers out to enjoy the softening snow.   Early morning the non-groomed surface was a bit crisp but with the warming sun the snow softened into comfortable corn snow by noon.   In the early afternoon some areas became a bit sticky but by sticking to the shaded areas one had an excellent ride.   Andy and I had a good day of conversation and burning up the slopes.   We made many observations about the conditions, the state of the world and speculations about the wrap up of the season.   Tomorrow's forecast indicates a snow/rain mix.  We shall see.
   Lift rides provided a chance to observe the different characters on the slope and to take a closer look at  unusual  sights.   Regrettably we did see a skier who had crashed on the side of the Alceme slope near a tree under chair 1A.   The  Ski Patrol was called to carry him down the slope.    At least he was conscious and it looked like a leg injury.   Earlier in the day I saw him really burning up the slope at very high speed.   He was a good skier who pushed the envelope beyond the limit.  
    We also had a chance to observe someones art on one of the trees to the right of the lift.   See the photo below.   I don't know who it looks like but it gets your attention.
    Andy and I documented our presence on the slopes with mutual photos to record for history a beautiful spring skiing day at Greek Peak.   Who knows how long it will last?   Fewer and fewer skiers are coming out so I doubt whether it is profitable to stay open much longer.   I guess it is time for the geezers to ramp up for golf, tennis, biking or other summer activities.
Tree Art at the Peak

Andy - Not the Model for the Tree Art

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