Monday, February 28, 2011

The Lonely Skier

    A quiet day at the slopes.   I was the only public customer on the lift at the start at Greek Peak this morning.   The order of people on the lift to begin was Ski Patroller, Park Crew boarder, and me.  Eventually three others showed up so there were four of us sharing the area.   Fortunately the rain had stopped although the fog would occasionally roll in on the top.   The snow had a stick-slip behavior so one had to be alert at all times to the changing conditions.   I made it an official geezer day of six runs so I could check it off as another day of skiing.
Me and My Shadow
    I'm looking forward to improved conditions tomorrow of colder temperatures, sunshine and some grooming.   I guess I am a die hard skier.   Over the weekend Nancy and I did enjoy a wonderful visit to Long Island with daughter Victoria and husband Matt.  We managed to survive driving to the Island and back.    I will say that city driving tests all my reflexes.  It's a good thing I ski to keep sharp!

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