Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Geezer Skier Do's

Pat Before
Pat After
Gerry Before
Gerry After
   Yesterday Pat invited me to join him at the local spa.   He had heard that they do magic transformations for elderly gentlemen who are follicularly challenged.  Since we both fall into that category it seemed like a great thing to do.   So we made the trip and we were amazed what they could do for us.   At one time I had a crew cut but I Pat suggested we go for a more modern do.  You know, the spiky do that the youngsters and rappers go for.   We hope that all you geezer skiers will take note and let us know whether you like our transformations.   Would you like to buy some of this magic elixir?
(Note:   If you really believe this story, we have slightly used Brooklyn Bridge available at a discounted price).

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