Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rainy Day - Empty Slopes

Empty Slopes
     A rainy day at Greek Peak.   This old geezer skier was foolish enough to venture to Greek Peak this morning with the hope that the rain would taper off.   Not to be!  No one in the locker room, no one at the ticket booth and no paying customers in the parking lot.   After a chat with the attendant at the Greek Peak Ski shop, I got myself together to head for the lift.   Upon arrival at the lift I heard from Dale that the Ski Patrol had gone up and I was free to load.   With the rain beating down, I hunkered down on the lift,  keeping my head down to keep the goggles clear.    After a wet ride up I skied off the ramp onto smooth, semi fast surface.   The first run was a comfortable ride on a soft semi crystalline surface.    Visibility was marginal.    Still not wet enough and smart enough to quit, I took two more runs before I sensed that my old Goretex yellow jacket was beginning to soak through.   I'm sure that Dale was happy not to get out the shack to load me anymore.  Not the greatest ski day, but as they say in Minnesota at Lake Wobegon,  "It could be worse".   To make it even more an official day I actually bought a cup of coffee at the cafeteria,  ate my apple fritter and read the paper.   Not a total waste of time when you still can enjoy your fritter.   I hope this day was not a harbinger of Spring skiing this year.

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