Monday, March 21, 2011

I Have a Brain

Empty Slopes - Rain and Slush

    Today's ski conditions and my reactions to the conditions are proof that I have a brain and maybe even good judgement.  Over the weekend we went to see The Wiz put on by the Newfield High School students.   (A granddaughter had the roles of Aunt Em and Glinda the good witch and did a magnificent job).   One other role in The Wiz is the scarecrow who laments not having a brain.   So like the scarecrow when I went to ski at Greek Peak this morning one might say that I didn't have a brain.   It was raining when I left.   The roads were covered with a couple of inches of slush.   And the ski report said that two inches of snow had fallen overnight but they had groomed.   Not to be deterred I put on appropriate rain gear along with my boots and arrived at the lift just as the ski patroler was loading.   As I unloaded at the top I received an admonition from the ski patrol to be very careful.   The two plus inches of slush had obscured spots that could be treacherous.
    I immediately recognized that it was going to be a tough day on the slopes.   My goggles were already spotted with rain and the new "snow" was about three inches of heavy wet slush.   My geezer life preservation kicked in and I cautiously tested my ability to make turns.   Even with my relatively wide skis, it was a challenge to comfortably make even subtle turns.     I did manage to make a single run without disaster.  However,  the brain cells kicked in and discretion won out over valor.    It was time for an early coffee break, newspaper reading and returning home.   I guess I am still a Tough Old Geezer Skier since I was brave enough to show up.
    Spring skiing surely is a lesson in contrasts.   Yesterday was a magnificent day of spring skiing in bright sunshine with excellent corn snow.   It was a delight to slice through the snow and lay down some good tracks.   Twenty four hours later it was rain, clouds and challenging conditions.   However, hope springs eternal for the spring skier.   I am counting on tomorrow being better.   Meanwhile, I have preserved this old body to ski another day.

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