Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Teacher Teaching Teachers

   It was a glorious skiing day at Greek Peak today.   Sunshine, blue sky, beautiful grooming and moderate temperatures ruled the day.   PSIA teachers this week have been  working with ski instructors seeking certification so we had splendid examples of how to ski with grace and skill.   During our geezer lift rides we had a chance to watch their form and technical competence.  It was great to have the ski population dominated by excellent skiers.   I think my skiing was vastly improved today by observing how it should be done.
Emily Gregg Giving Them The Word
   I was pleased to have a brief conversation with Emily Gregg, one of the instructors, during her briefing of her group late morning on the top of the  hill.   See photo.   Since my son-in-law Terry Barbour has been a trainer and a member of the US PSIA demo team in the past  I thought she might know him.  Sure enough she is not only acquainted with my son-in-law but also is a friend of my daughter Tange.   The PSIA network is a close-knit community so one shouldn't be surprised.
   Best wishes to the PSIA people and their efforts to become quality instructors.   Many of us geezer skiers have benefited from their instruction.   And to the teachers teaching teachers congratulations on reaching  the highest levels of ski instruction skills.

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