Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hope on the Slopes

  On Saturday March 5, 2011 Greek Peak Mountain Resort hosted the 6th Annual Hope on the Slopes.   This event raises money for the American Cancer Society through the efforts of skiers who commit to skiing as many runs as possible to get their sponsors to make greater contributions.   It is both a joyful and touching event since many of the skiers wear armbands with the names of loved ones that have been lost to cancer.   The joy is shown in the survivors ceremony.  Recognition of the ones that have survived the cancer diagnosis is especially moving.     As a two time cancer survivor, I can identify with anyone who has benefited from improved cancer cures and care to give us continued hope.   I would hope that this year's event was very successful.

Being Counted

Entry Lane

Keeping Track

    The Hope on the Slopes event had entertainment, demonstration skis, competition, bands, wine and cheese, snow sculpting and dog sled mushing.   There were activities for all ages and abilities to participate in.   As a technophile, I was impressed with the system set up to record the number of runs by the skiers.    The skiers were given a chip to attach to their bibs and at the end of each run they  skied through a finish portal that read their chip and recorded their run.   An impressive way to assemble the data for the day.   While photographing the set up I met the Sales Representative Nikita Dorcinvil from  I didn't learn whether he was donating his gear and time for the event, but I hope so.   And if he did, I guess I can give him a plug in my blog.
Sensors Under Horizontal Finish
    Many thanks to all the hard working folks that enable Hope on the Slopes.   Unfortunately, probably a high proportion of the geezer skiers or their loved ones will have cancer.   I am most recently saddened by the death of my college room mate and long time friend David Ludington due to a brain tumor.    And I have a daily prayer list of friends who are in treatment for cancer.   I am sure we all look forward to the time that cancer will be less of a nemesis for humankind.  Meanwhile thank you to all care givers, researchers and organizations that are fighting this disease.

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