Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Utah in February

    Last year's trip to ski in Utah in February  2010 was a great time in spite of the horrible foul up of the return trip that took two days.   Plan's for February 2011 and coming together and I look forward to skiing the "greatest snow on earth" again.   Fortunately my son Colin has a condominium at the foot of Little Cottonwood Canyon that he makes available for family members so I will not only have access to the great skiing at Snowbird and Alta but also have a chance to ski with grandchildren.     And for this geezer a day at Snowbasin will also be on the agenda.

   In my exchange of e-mails with Colin today, I discover he already has two days of skiing in for the season.   The first day was in October and another day more recently in November he had another day.  These were days of hiking and skiing at Mad River Glen.   I would say he is a fully engaged skier.    My days are coming and since he is still employed, I expect to equal and surpass his days on the slopes.

   Meanwhile one can only hope that we will have early cold and snow in upstate New York.

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