Saturday, November 6, 2010


     I visited the annual ski sale for the Greek Peak Ski Club today.   My regular route to the slope is under construction and it looks like it will be in rough shape for winter travel.   The road is being widened and improved in many ways.  It is my favorite route  because as I come over the top of one of the hills I can see the slopes of Greek Peak in the distance.   And with that glimpse of the slopes my hands get sweaty and I anticipate the pleasure of sliding down those hills.   Even though, I would not be skiing today, it was thrilling to see the slopes with a small coating of snow at the top and to anticipate the good times to come.

   My visit to the sale was fun and a chance to chat with ski buddy Roger Pellerin to catch up on mutual activities.   I was able to get a new pair of poles to replace a pair that has one with a defective tip.  Also another pair of gloves was in order.   The thumbs on my gloves seem to wear out pretty quickly where I grip the poles.   It is also interesting to observe the patrons of the sale.  Especially those who are relatively new to the ski scene.   There is a lot of indecision about what it the right boot or ski and thankfully the ski club staff do a good job of guiding them through their decisions.   After picking up my season's pass it was time to go on home to bring out the ski gear.  My spacious basement provides hooks and hangers for the coat, pants and other gear to be at ready when the ski area opens.  All is well and here is hoping there will be an early start.   Let the snow fall!

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