Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ten Ways You Can Tell You Are a Geezer

     I have been musing on the signs that define me and others as  geezers.
1.   Young ladies now hold the door open for me.
2.   The hair of my ears grows faster and is more abundant than the hair on my head.
3.    I automatically get the senior discount.
4.    Cutting my toe nails challenges my flexibility.
5.   The clerks laugh when I offer my proof of age for purchase of beer.
6.   The major topic of conversation at the men's coffee klatsch is prostates and PSA.
7.   At a noisy party I have to read lips.
8.   I often start a story with "In my day we ---".
9.   For me an oldies song comes from the Big Band Era of the 40's and 50's.
10.  I try to share an experience with my newest son-in-law and discover it happened before he was born.

I'll keep thinking about other signs of geezerhood.   And I'll add them to the list if I can hold them in my brain until I get to my blog.  Woops! Maybe that is another sign of geezerhood - the short term memory problem.

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