Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Joy of Innocence

A Children's Church Time
    There was an especially large participation of the young kids at church today.   The children's choir sang a song and the Children's Chimers did a piece as well.   There were solos by several of the youngsters and the solos were remarkably well done.   One could not be helped being moved by the joy in their faces and also the joy of the congregation and the parents.    I was deeply moved by both their exuberance and obvious innocence of the worlds ills.

    Perhaps one the the challenges of aging is the loss of innocence.   Finding the same joy in life that children experience sometimes gets lost in our aches, pains and worries of the world.   It was good today to glimpse the purity of life that springs from innocence.   Jesus reminded us that one should enter the Kingdom of Heaven as little children.   I guess that we get a glimpse of the heavenly experience as we observe our young children.   Anyway, I may not have been overwhelmingly renewed by the sermon and communion, but I think I got a blink of insight into the bliss of heaven through the children today.


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