Thursday, November 18, 2010

Run, Jog, Walk

   I have never been much of a runner for exercise or for any other reason.  I think body type has a lot to do with ones inclination to be a runner.   Marathoners seem to have a lanky body with small torsos but the sprinters seem to be much heavier.   Therefore a certain body type predisposes the running capability of a person.    I have had to adapt my exercise to being more of a jogger and walker.  Particularly as I have moved into geezerhood.

   In lieu of tennis or skiing not being available today I decided to travel a significant distance by foot.    My goal was to complete a significant loop of distance in my neighborhood that includes several hills.   Since running does not work for me I adopted a jog and walk scheme.   Telephone poles all along my roads set up a routine of jogging for a telephone pole interval followed by walking the next interval.   The good news is that I was able to maintain that pace on the level, climbing a hill and descending a hill.   It was a good workout and I didn't have to call my wife as backup to pick me up.

   I guess the geezer fate is to move from running to jogging to walking.   Perhaps the final stage is a shuffle.    If I reach that stage someday I hope I still have enough sense of humor to laugh at myself as have laughed at comedian Tim Conway in his character of an inept old man.

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