Thursday, November 25, 2010


     In Greek mythology the Muses are the goddesses that embody the inspiration for creation of literature and the arts. While nine Muses are considered to embody all the facets of this creation, there is Roman thought that three Muses would be sufficient and would be, Melete for Practice, Mneme for Memory and Aoide for Song. Recently I have been expanding on my memoirs that I started writing about five years ago so my muse for the moment is Mneme for memory.   The original purpose of my memoirs was to leave my personal autobiography for the benefit of my children and grandchildren if they were so moved to learn more about their ancestry through my recollections.  Five years later, I am more inclined to make the memoir more of a professional chronology.    However, I hope to include sufficient human interest stories that portray some of my human side along with the intellectual character.  

     Presidents and other famous people have written memoirs that have been best sellers and have told their stories with their slant.   I do not expect any book deals but I will be able to give my slant on my life to this point.   I believe that each of us has a desire to have lived a meaningful life with a legacy that at least is appreciated by ones family and friends.   Most of us do not consciously manage our lives with a particular legacy in mind.   However, I do believe that we mostly have a desire to live with honesty and integrity.    I follow the comic strip Non-Sequitur and have been amused by the child character Danae recently as she writes her prescient autobiography.   Essentially she is writing her future as she wants it to be as if it will occur as she writes it.   An intriguing idea.    Maybe this is a good way for youth to set goals to live out for the future.   I am going to think about that as I contemplate the remainder of my senior years too.   Meanwhile, I will keep working on the memoirs.   (Today, maybe a good time to reflect on Thanksgiving celebrations of the past). 

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