Saturday, November 20, 2010

Advisor Legend

Wesley F. Buchele
Professor Emeritus -ISU
  I recently ran across an article about my doctoral program advisor Wesley F. Buchele.  He has received an award from   The Product Design and Development Magazine as an inductee to the PD &D Design Engineer Hall of Fame.   At 90 Dr. Buchele continues to be engaged in the world with nearly as much vigor as I observed 45 years ago during my studies at Iowa State University.   After retiring in 1989 with 37 years on the faculty he continues to be a consultant  on engineering issues particularly dealing with machinery safety.  He is an inventive fellow with insatiable curiosity.   He often comes up with off the wall ideas that challenge your thinking.  Often in those ideas there are gems that can very inspiring.  His mantra was that you needn't to have a bundle of ideas to generate a few good ones.   Brainstorming and creativity were demanded in his graduate agricultural machinery class.   One exercise was to create a work of art that illustrated the processes of a particular agricultural machine.   My contribution along with classmate George Ayres was a mobile that we got to display in the lobby of the ISU agricultural engineering building.

   We had a very cordial relationship throughout my years under his tutelage and as my career progressed I continued to appreciate his inspiration for creative engineering design.  Especially as my research pursued the development of various fruit and vegetable harvesting machines.   In addition, I enjoyed following his techniques in teaching my students how to produce inventive ideas.

  Best wishes to the ultimate geezer advisor and inventor, Dr. Wesley F.Buchele.

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