Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Breakfast With Geezers

When I was living in Fayetteville I routinely went to breakfast almost every Wednesday morning with a group of men from our church. The ROMEOS - retired older men eating out -. There was and is a tradition of going to a variety of local eateries rather than any fast food chains. In any community you will find non-chain restaurants serving up great breakfasts with entertaining servers. Most of the lady servers that have waited on our group learned our breakfast preferences and would be surprised when we ordered something new. Today I met with my old friends at Hullar's in Fayetteville and sure enough our waitress remembered my preferences even though I hadn't been there in several months.

It was good to see old friends and engage in the banter that accompanies our meetings. Most of them are SU fans and alumni, so I have to defend Cornell all by myself. Regrettably in the last two Cornell-SU lacrosse games Cornell has had heart breaking losses. I tell them I am proud of the our team of course and not so gently remind them that we are a no scholarship athletic program! This is an eclectic group of people. Background ranges from clergy to mechanic to carpenter to engineer and many blue collar folks. We all share a common goal of a good breakfast, good conversation and the proper enjoyment of retirement hobbies and activities.
I consider it a privilege to associate with them.

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