Sunday, April 4, 2010

Brunch Near the Snow

Following a magnificent Easter Service, Nancy and I adjourned to a Sunday Brunch at Hope Lake Lodge at Greek Peak Resort. We could still see vestiges of snow on the slopes in the bright sun of the day. It was an outstanding brunch served in the Acorn Restaurant. Service was splendid and the company equally enjoyable. Although Nancy and I were dining alone we were positioned so all that entered and left the restaurant passed by our table. Numerous people from our church were there who were cordial in their greetings.
Owners Al and Gale Kryger were enjoying a friends and family gathering and also welcomed us to the event.

After this initial visit we will put the Acorn Restaurant on our list of dining choices. We look forward to taking some our out of town visitors there.

We like to think we are active senior people so after some hospital visiting by Nancy and my paper reading we were off to tennis at the high school. We had a competitive set and a some good ball hitting in spite of the full stomachs from brunch. For the record, I am the most senior of the two of us. In fact Nancy barely qualifies as an official retiree. I guess I am the one that plays geezer tennis although we both plan to play in the Senior games in June.

Happy Easter to all who celebrate this day and peace to all humankind.

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