Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Original Geezers

Today I rediscovered the original geezers. In the Bible in Genesis Chapter 5 there is a description of the descendants of Adam. Yes, Adam was the original geezer. He lived to the age of 930. Seth, his son didn't fare so well because he died at the age of 912. Seth's son Enosh only made it to 905. Kenan, Seth's son then reversed the trend and died at 910. But Mahalalel, son of Kenan only made it to 895. Jared the next in line of descendants died at 962. His son Enoch was in such favor with God that he took him at the tender age of 365. However, I am sure that you may have heard the expression, " as old as Methusaleh". Well Enoch's son Methusaleh made it to 969. His son Lamech only made it to 777. And finally along comes Noah.

Noah was one busy geezer! Some time before the flood between the time he was 500 to 600 years old he built the ark and gathered up all the beasts to go into the ark. And when he was 600 years old he entered the ark with his family and the beasts. He also got to live a long and productive life after he disembarked. He lived 350 years after the flood and died at the age of 950.

For your information the cut off time now for geezers is a max of 120 years. At least according to the bible. All of this leads me to comment on how we all have a yearning to understand our origins. I have a new neighbor who is moving in this week. We met today and had a long conversation about a number of things. As we explored our mutual life experiences he revealed that he never knew his father. Whoever his father was, he was never part of his life. I could tell that this was a painful part of his life experience. I could sense that because of that, he really appreciates family and is obviously dedicated to his young family and wife. I guess what I can do for him is illustrate how he can become a geezer with the joy of extended family that he may not have had as he grew up. I look forward to being his pseudo father if that is what this neighbor can do.

Transitions - they are always happening.

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