Monday, April 12, 2010


April is a birthday month for many of the males in our extended family. Son Colin, Grandson Carson, Son-in-law Terry and I all have birthdays between April 8 and April 13. Mine was on April 11 with a lot of celebration with the more or less locally present children/step-children and their extended family units. Youngest daughter Yo reminded me that upon her 25th birthday in September I will have lived over three of her lifetimes. It is amazing how rapidly the years go by as one moves through geezerhood. Somewhere I learned that happiness peaks at around age 65. I am pleased to observed that my happiness index certainly has been quite high for a long time.

Who wouldn't be happy when all of the children/step-children - seven in all - made a special point to recognize my 75th birthday. The cards were creative, poignant, funny and each a unique individual expression of affection, appreciation and love. My beloved wife Nancy not only gave me a touching expression of love but also orchestrated a great celebration dinner along with all of her other Sunday activity of teaching and preaching. My celebration did not end on the 11th but continued today as I retrieved cell phone messages from Colin and Tange. Their messages were originating of course from the Sugarbush Ski Are parking lot. Perhaps to chortle about their last day of skiing!!

As I reflect on 75 years of living, I am reminded how much times have changed from 1935. My mother gave birth to me with the assistance of a mid wife in an alcove of a rented farmhouse in Wayne County. I grew up in an old farm house without running water, no central heat and no bathrooms. I was in college before any of the amenities we now take for granted now were added to my boyhood home. Phone and television were also absent for most of my time growing up too. In spite of the lack of material things in my early years there were many happy times too. So perhaps the best thing one can do is to make the very best of the situation you have and continue to enjoy the ride.

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Pat and Bev said...

Happy birthday from Myrtle Beach.