Thursday, February 3, 2011

Two Skiers - One Pair of Skis

Matt From Minnesota at Greek Peak
     Have you ever gone into a ski shop to buy just one ski?    That is exactly what Matt and Rob would like to do.   Both are amputee adaptive skiers on one ski with the outrigger poles.   With a tip from a fellow geezer Pat Ryan I heard about their story of meeting here at Greek Peak where they are skiing this week.   They are both from Minnesota and lo and behold they encounter each other at Greek Peak in New York state.   Matt  has lost his left leg and Rob has lost his right leg so they are a perfect set of skiers to go into a shop and buy a pair of skis.   I watched them navigate the great powder we had today with great skill and joy.   I expect Matt and Rob to buy and share a pair of skis in the future.

    Others of the adaptive group were riding mono ski chairs and having a ball.  One of the mono ski chair riders was even having a blast whooping it up in the moguls on the Elysian Fields.    What an inspiring bunch of people including their adaptive sports guides!

     We all had a great day in the powder and the sunshine.   For all of us it was a great day to be alive.   I took the opportunity to chat briefly with Matt and remind him to keep on skiing well into geezerhood.   All the best Matt for many years on the slope, and best wishes for skiing into geezer time.

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Pat and Bev said...

Their story sure put a smile on my face!