Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Too Busy to Blog

Viki and Matt

    Usually I wait for an inspiration to blog about geezers and geezer skiers.   Lately I have been so busy that I haven't had time to be inspired to write.   Since my last blog on last Thursday, family events have kept me significantly occupied.  Over the weekend we had the pleasure of a visit by daughter Victoria and husband Matt.   It was a special event for them to ski with me on Saturday at Greek Peak.  We all had a grand time.   Viki was the only crasher for the day which was a surprise since Matt is the least experienced skier.   Perhaps it was because it was the last run for the day.   Conditions were excellent with good snow and moderate temperatures.   We even managed to ride triple on Chair 6 although not without a bit of chaos getting on .   Matt got his skis crosswise on the first shot and I managed to do the same and lose a ski on the second ride.   After that we avoided riding triple.   A curse on that bloody lift!
Viki and Geezer Dad
   Over the weekend we also got to enjoy a grandchild's second birthday.    Lot's of fun with little Sadie with  balloons, ice cream, cake and lots of laughter.   Post weekend Nancy and I had a magnificent Valentine's Day sweethearts dinner out for the evening at one of our favorite restaurants, the Antlers.   The drive home, however, was treacherous with white outs on Route 13 on the way to Cortland.

   Larry Mondheim and I have been working on plans for the Geezer Skiers Luncheon at Hope Lake Lodge at Greek Peak on March 3, 2011.   All geezer skiers and their significant others are invited for a celebration of the success of geezers on the slopes.

   This afternoon I am departing for a ski vacation in Utah.   I hope to be on the slopes of Alta by noon Utah time tomorrow.   Son Colin and family will be arriving on Saturday so there will be family escorts for this tough old geezer skier later in the week.   I hate the agonies of flying these days, but perhaps I can get into a blanked out zone to make it tolerable.   My wife's netbook will accompany me to amuse me and to enable me to blog. 

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