Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ski Trip Perspective

  I returned from my trip to Utah on Wednesday after five days of big mountain skiing.  The return trip was uneventful for a change, with all flights on time and luggage arriving with me.  After a refreshing sleep in my own bed and clearing the driveway as well as reorganizing my gear, I was able to get to Greek Peak for a brief day of skiing.   By geezer standards it was an official day with the minimum runs accomplished.   Although the mountains of Utah are awesome ski venues, it was fun and refreshing to be in familiar territory.
    At my arrival at Greek Peak on Thursday I encountered Pat Ryan who asked how was my trip.    To be honest I had to reply that it was less than satisfying.   Due to logistics of getting to the slopes and days of overwhelmingly poor visibility there was not the best return on my energy and dollars to get there.   Even Snowbasin on my last day in Utah had poor visibility for most of the day.  Snowbasin, Alta and Snowbird are great ski areas for the youngsters and expert skiers but I am finding that they can be less than ideal for the geezer skier when there are huge snowfalls, poor visibility and minimum grooming.   I think I could have tolerated the minimal grooming if there had been some semblance of good visibility.  To compensate for the visibility problems, I kept to the easier trails and did manage to enjoy some of the runs.  Perhaps I will have to admit that anyone post 75 years of age has limitations no matter how healthy and fit they might be.  My son, daughter in law and grand kids eat up the huge snowfalls and range over the entire mountain and even out of bounds.   More power to them.
    For those who have never visited Snowbasin I am including some pictures of Earl's Lodge at the base.   This is a first class facility.  Note the huge stone fireplaces, carpets on the floor, sculptures and the magnificent bathrooms.   Marble bathrooms throughout.   And the food service at the cafeteria is at least four star.    I guess the Utah experience is more than the snow!
   After a day at Greek Peak, I am enjoying a visit with daughter Victoria and husband on Long Island.   Yesterdays drive here was a hairy as it gets for the first two hours even on the interstate.   Snow covered and slippery roads limited our speed to 45 miles per hour much of the early part of our journey.   We arrived safely in a territory that has no snow on the ground and a warming sun.  Meanwhile back at Greek Peak I hear that there has been 12 inches of new snow.   Enjoy it everyone and I look forward to completing my ski season at Greek Peak from Monday on.   Also looking forward to the Geezer Skiers Luncheon on Thursday.

Classy Marble

No Brown Paper Towels Here

Fireplace and Sculptures

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