Sunday, February 20, 2011

Alta - Another Geezer and Another Gerry

Loads of Snow at Alta
    After a huge snowfall over night and more snow today, Alta had over 20 inches of powder.   Transportation up the canyon was delayed for avalanche control and only four wheel drive vehicles with snow tires we permitted on the road.  Bob "Dangerous" was kind enough to come by and pick me up and give me a ride.  After waiting in line for about an hour we were allowed to drive up Little Conttonwood Canyon.   The road was truly slick and snow was coming down at a rapid pace.   One all wheel drive Audi didn't quite make it all the way and was buried in the snow.  Thankfully  he was off the road.
     During the day we were deluged with probably another six to twelve inches of snow.   The snow was welcome but the visibility was poor.   As a geezer, I made sure to pace myself for the day.  However, I expended a lot of energy on my first run when I missed a cutoff and had to climb a bit to get back on the intermediate trail.  After getting my bearings I enjoyed playing on the easier runs in a plethora of snow.  It is hard to photograph the conditions.  However, I have inserted on photo when the snow fall was heavy.
     During one of my breaks during the day I introduced myself to a couple of guys in the lodge to get their skiing stories.   I wanted to particularly get the story of  the one gentleman who appeared to qualify as a  geezer.    I had a delightful conversation with Wilton and his son-in-law Gerry.   Wilton was from California and had skied at Alta as early as 1959.   Son-in-law Gerry is from Long Island and is also a frequent Alta skier too.  They were having a great day.   Wilton at 82 is another example of Tough Old Geezer Skiers that keeps  up with a vigorous life style.   Thank you Wilton and Gerry for sharing your stories,.
Gerry and Wilton
    Finally, I am grateful for technology that allows us to keep in touch with our loved ones.   I left my dear wife in New York State to do my skiing in Utah.  Our cell phones help us to keep in touch along with our mutual blogs.  I am delighted to read and hear she had a great day filling the pulpit at Forest Home Chapel in Ithaca, NY.   I love her sermons and along with that she also is the love of my life.   I couldn't be a more fortunate geezer.

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