Saturday, February 5, 2011

Slope Events

Heave Ho
   Ski areas frequently have special events to attract people to the area and sometimes to honor different groups or support a charity.    Today volunteer firemen were being hosted at Greek Peak for fun and games on the snow.   One of the contests was to tow one of the snow makers for a given distance in the shortest time possible.   Most of the guys and gals were pretty rugged individuals.   One group of heavyweights was able to move the snow maker with ease.  However, another lighter weight bunch had a struggle to get the snow maker moving.   Photos  give you an idea of what this was all about.   They all seemed to be having a good time and I suspect they would be popping a few beers before the day was over and enjoying the barbecue as well.  I think they got free ski passes and a free time at the tubing center.   It looked to me like skiing would be a challenge in their turnout gear for fire fighting.
There might have been some geezers in the group, but I didn't see any.   Firefighting has to be a young persons activity.    Best wishes to these great community volunteers.   Thanks for your dedication to our protection.

OK - Turn It Around

Is It The Best Time?

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