Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Winter Wonderland

      I get so caught up in skiing the hill that I often fail to appreciate the beauty around me.   Today I  made a special effort to view my surroundings with an artist's eye.   It was an especially good day to spend time "smelling the roses".   Overnight the atmospheric conditions were appropriate to deposit ice crystals on the branches and twigs of the leafless trees.   The whole top of the area was a winter wonderland.   I tried to capture the beauty with my camera, but a photo doesn't do justice to the panorama that is captured by our vision.   Here are a couple of pictures although taken in color really appear almost entirely black and white.

   Perhaps it was the long ride time on the slow lift that was operating today that set me into the observations of my surroundings.   See below the lineup of the folks for the start of another ski day.
Merry Christmas  and Happy Holidays everyone and take time to find beauty wherever you may go.

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