Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cornell December Graduation

   My  usual Saturday during ski season is getting up early to arrive at the ski slope for an 8:30 AM start of the day.  However, this past Saturday I delayed my trip to the slope to participated in the Cornell December Graduation events.   After arising at 6:30 AM I was able to get to the celebratory breakfast at the Cornell Statler Hotel and enjoy the continental breakfast with a graduate of my department's program and his family.   An opportunity to congratulate Ian Holst and his parents and wish Ian well in his search for a job.
   Following the breakfast I was off to Barton Hall to get my robe to be properly garbed for being a part of the faculty group in the procession into the seating area as a part of the ceremonies.   I recently purchased my own hood and cap so this was my inaugural use of some of my regalia.  (Perhaps I need to purchase the robe as well).  Before the ceremonies I had a chance to congratulate one of my advisees, Tyler Tauck and wish him well as he searches for just the right position.   Engineering graduates seem to be in demand now and I anticipate he will do well in his search.
Tyler Tauck - Environmental Engineering Grad
Colleague Norm Scott
   The ceremonies were well run and in 45 minutes we heard President Skorton congratulate the graduate and give them some good advice in both a serious and humorous vein.   The President of the Senior class also gave a brief and effective speech.   Each of the students names were called as they marched across the stage to get their diplomas and it was heart warming  to have them individually recognized.   I was especially moved by the award of a diploma to a motorized wheel chair bound student!
    Following the ceremony we enjoyed a reception with goodies and drinks of various kinds while family, friends and students took the many photographs needed to document and celebrate the occasion.
For me it was an enjoyable interlude with both student and faculty friends and a chance to chat with current faculty and even with a faculty member who had been a student in one of my classes in the late 70's.   Goodness, students do age too!!

   It was a great day for skiing as well and thankfully I was able to be on the slopes by 1:10 PM for an enjoyable sunny afternoon on the snow.    A very satisfying day.

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