Friday, December 10, 2010

Geezers Reunite

Allen, Frank, Andy, and Gerry
 Yesterday many of the Tough Old Geezer Skiers showed up at Greek Peak for the first time for the season.   Pictured is a quartet of part of the group assembled at the morning coffee break.   All of us have had a good break from the end of season in the Spring until the start of our 2010-2011 season.   Frank is still building his new house which he soon hopes to occupy.   Andy probably spent part of the summer in his kayak and on maintaining snowmobile trails.  Allen must have been belly dancing for fitness although we didn't get a demonstration of Thursday.   My summer was full with tennis almost daily and in anticipation and participating in a couple of our children's weddings.

   We were all happy to be on the slopes again.   Each year some of the old guard fails to appear for one reason or another which is a bit sad.   It is good to remember the past stalwarts and the joy they experienced from skiing up to the end of their lives.   We are all thankful for modern medicine that keeps us going well beyond the three score and ten years we are supposedly allotted.   Our quartet has two eighty plus guys, on seventy plus and a youngster under 70.    I'll let you who figure out who fits those categories.    In my conversations with some of the other geezers at the hill I learn that over the summer there were cataract surgeries, knee replacements, and skin cancer removals.   Note that geezer skiers schedule their surgeries during the off ski season!

  As these early days of the season progresses more of the geezers will appear and our coffee break numbers will swell.   I'm looking forward to continuing reunion with geezer friends.  And for those that have passed on or terminated their skiing days,  the rest of us will ski in tribute to remember and honor their days on the slopes.

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