Monday, December 13, 2010

Good Gear Good Skiing

Semi-Fat Boards Ready Go
  This past week I had some interesting conversations with people riding with me on the lift about new gear and skiing.  Those of us who are geezers remember the days of primitive gear and the times of skiing with used equipment.   We still had a  passion for skiing but we sure abused our bodies with ill fitting boots and clunky skis.  Also, the clothing was not as functional as today's clothing and we had frozen and wet butts too many times.  Thankfully we now have affordable quality clothing and actually good quality used equipment available for the beginning skiers.   I think it would be wise for all rental shops at ski areas to have the best equipment possible for the novice skier with expert advice and fitting service.  The future of the ski areas is in bringing in the new crop and the best way to do that is to make the initial experience as good as possible.

  I used to say that good skiing is five percent skis and 95 percent the skier.  I think the equipment quality and design has improved so much that I am more inclined to think that equipment may well contribute up to 50 percent of the success today.   The really great skier can ski almost any kind of gear very well.  For us geezers and other mortals the right boots and skis makes a significant difference.   I consider myself fortunate to be at a place in my life where I can afford high quality gear.   Perhaps that is the advantage of geezerhood.  We have earned the right to play with better toys.

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Unknown said...

Good for you 4 Geezer skiers showing up last Friday! Al Krieger said that there was a particularly good turnout that day ,,., And yes, Allen was one of the best in our bellydancing class at Cornell. We agreed that it had to be good for hip swiveling on the slopes. -- Donna