Sunday, December 5, 2010

Opening Day - 2010

Opening Day on The Snow - 2010 Greek Peak
    Hooray!!  Opening day at Greek Peak so the 2010-2011 season is under way for my local ski area.   A combination of natural snow overnight and previous snow making provided two runs for a decent beginning of the season.   More snow is on the way but they will wait until Friday to reopen.  I'll have to savor the few hours of today in anticipation of more of the area opening on Friday.

   Only a few geezers appeared today.   Many of my cohorts are not interested in coping with the early season conditions.  Typically there are snow guns going and for some too many bodies on the hill.  For the first day I restrained my enthusiasm and skied conservatively.   Although I am active through walking and tennis,  skiing seems to challenge a new set of muscles.    It was an enjoyable afternoon in 24 deg F temperatures with some natural snow falling as well.   I expect the Tough Old Geezer Skiers to show up Friday.   Time to share stories and renew friendships and sip the $1.00 senior rate coffee.

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Pat and Bev said...

I'm bummed out. They are not going to open again until Friday. I'm having a Hernia operation on Wed and was hoping to get in a couple of days before then. Won't be able to ski for a couple of weeks after the operation. I may come up a couple of days and have coffee with the geezers.