Sunday, December 26, 2010

Snow in The Wrong Place

   Today I anticipated skiing with daughter Viki and husband Matt.  They are now Long Islanders who don't get to ski very often so this was to be a special day on the slopes with this geezer.   Unfortunately the New York City morning weather report ruined their skiing opportunity.   Early this morning we all decided that it would be best if they were to fore go the ski outing and get on the road to beat the major storm home by early afternoon.   Thus, they were were on the road early and I headed for the slopes solo.    When I got home this afternoon a phone call verified they were safely home on Long Island.   So we are all grateful for a safe journey.

The Warmth of Sweater and Home
   Too bad the 12 to 14 inches of snow for New York City couldn't have landed on Greek Peak.   However, today's conditions were good and surprisingly the after Christmas crowd was relatively small. With all lifts running and much of the area open there was no waiting for loading.   The wind and cold obviously discouraged many of the more casual skiers.   I kept warm with my boot heaters, hand warmers and especially my new Christmas gift ski sweater layer from my wife.

    Our Christmas  day was joy filled with family, food, drink and plenty of good conversations.   And thankfully all travelled safely to their respective homes.   So now the after Christmas routine begins and let the snow fall on the ski areas.

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