Wednesday, January 4, 2012

More Room at the Table

     Finally we are getting enough snow to attract more geezers to the slopes.   Today the gathering of geezers at the coffee table mid-morning numbered up to eight.   See photos below.   I think it looks like a pretty happy and healthy bunch of geezers.   "Scooch" showed up too late to be included in the photos but we did mark him off on the attendance sheet.   I think the oldest is 83 and the youngest must be over 70.   We each have our unique personal story and idiosyncrasies.   The common thing we all share is the joy of skiing.  Even when the temperature is 5 degrees F as it was this morning!

Left to Right: Roger, Larry, Pat, Andy, Frank, Bob

Left to Right: Roger, Larry, Gerry, Andy, Frank, Bob
    The topics of discussion can be wide ranging.   Often the stories reach back into the 1950's and 1960's when we were each in our own way on huge learning curves in the workplace and life.  The more contemporary conversation tends to relate to medical procedures that many of us have experienced.   Cataract surgeries are compared along with the joy of restored clarity of vision.  (I will not write about some of the more intimate surgeries that some of us have suffered).   Often the discussion involves seeking advice about purchases of items and services.   Andy is on a kick to purchase a new high definition TV, so he got the whole spectrum of opinionated advice from his fellow geezers.   Early season sessions at the coffee break often are periods of catching up with the events of the past year.   Life milestones are shared.   Laughter is frequent, even if some of the jokes and stories are groaners.  Let's hope the size of the group continues to grow.  There is always more room at our table of tough old geezer skiers.

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