Monday, January 9, 2012

Ski Conditions - A Metaphor for Life

   Ski conditions vary.  If one has skied for a many years, you can recall all kinds of slope environments.   Many of the conditions are weather related.   There can be bright sunshine, cloudy days,  rain, sleet or fog and sometimes a huge snowstorm.   And the wind can be howling or calm while the temperature can range from  sub-zero to a balmy 50 degree F during spring skiing.    The slope surface can be frozen firm granular to many inches of soft powder.   Sometimes the slopes are groomed to perfection while other times lumps and bumps will jar your teeth out.

Great Conditions

Thin and "Bear"  It
     Just as ski conditions vary so can ones life conditions also vary.    At times all things are going well like the perfect day on the slopes with the sunshine beaming down and the skis running true.  Other times we can be suffering through family, health and personal troubles.  In a fog we may be seeking a way out just as we attempt to negotiate our way in the low visibility on a cloudy and foggy day on the slopes.   Skiers have a way of finding joy in the day on the slopes in spite of the conditions.   The joy is heightened with good conditions but conquering the difficult conditions can be a joy in itself.   I like to think that this is true of life too.   The optimist in me declares that whatever the situations we encounter there is opportunity to find joy.   Friends and family lift us up in the low times and friends and family celebrate with us in the up times.   Enjoy life and each moment of the day whatever the new day brings.

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