Friday, December 30, 2011

Beauty on the Slopes

    A new snow fall over night has clothed the slopes.   Although it was not enough to enable opening new slopes it did enhance the beauty of the surroundings.   It is also encouragement for the geezers to show up.   Today was the first day there was a quorum of geezers.   At coffee this morning there were at least seven tough old geezer skiers present.   There were the triple Bob's, Pat, Gene, Larry and myself.   We are not the beauty on the slopes, but we do add a colorful display of characters who enjoy the surroundings along with the pleasure of cruising the area.
    Although the slopes were occasionally crowded, I still was able to observe the play of shadows on the snow and colorful groups of  ski racers in training.    Conversation at coffee today drifted into laments about the ills of some of our associates and in some cases the loss of loved ones.   Beyond our concern, however, we moved on to acknowledging that each day was there to be enjoyed and be thankful for.   Living in the now is a great way to be and it inspires in me to look each day for the beauty around me and in the people I meet.   Life in the now is good!!

Racers in Training

Shadows on the Snow

Snow, Shadows and Hills

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