Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Encouragement for a Fellow Tough Old Geezer Skier

    All of us have been ill one time or another.   Whether it was a serious illness or one of those minor nagging few days of discomfort, it was always good to have good wishes from our friends and family.   Expressions of concern have a way of lifting our spirits and giving us the "hope that springs eternal".      
   In hopes that we can lift the spirits of our ailing geezer Allen Bushnell the TOGS gathered at Greek Peak today in the unity of sending an encouraging message to our friend and fellow skier.   A get well card signed by a dozen or so geezers will be in the mail tomorrow.    To remind Allen that we all are still kicking and to refresh his memory about how handsome we all are, we are sending  photos of our group at the top of Chair 1.    We all look forward to his return to skiing and the challenging conversations we have at our coffee breaks.  
          (Allen - if you are up to getting this blog on your iPad, here are some more photos).
Some of the Geezers

Coffee is Hot

Encouraging Notes

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