Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Spring Skiing Springs Eternal

   Another day of spring skiing in January.   This has certainly been one of the most challenging ski seasons we have had in many years.   The wild swings of temperature have alternately dumped snow or melted snow with a passion.   Mostly it has melted snow and challenged the ski area to produce enough make up snow by snow making during the cold periods.   As Bob Fairbrother said as I was leaving my ski session today, "How do you like the Spring skiing?"   The answer is,  "It is all that we have so we should somehow enjoy it."
The Ugliness of Spring Conditions
   From Pope we know that "Hope springs eternal in the human breast.  Man never Is, but always To be blest."  (1732 Pope Essay on Man I. 95).  Perhaps that is where we are this season of skiing.  We have eternal hope for things working out for the best.  However, we are having difficulty in finding beauty on the slopes with the lack of snow.   But when we do have a nice snowfall by contrast we find new beauty and renewed hope.   Speaking of beauty, I recommend you Google a photo of the sculptor Rodin's statue titled Eternal Spring.  Absolutely beautiful!  Keep hoping!

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