Thursday, January 12, 2012

Big Red Ski Team Practices

   Yesterday I had the pleasure of watching the practice of the Cornell Big Red ski team,   Most of us geezers that have been skiing for a long time still want to learn to ski better.   Observing good examples of skiing is my favorite way of picking up tips to improve my skiing.   Numerous rides up the lift gave me an opportunity to rate the levels of performance of the Cornell skiers.   Since it is a club sport, anyone that comes out to ski with the team has a chance to participate, regardless of their level of skiing.   I think that this is a great way to give a lot of students a chance to be a part of a community of athletes without the fear of being cut from the roster.   That said, it is obvious that many of the racers are not likely to participate in the meets with other schools.  
   Because  I am an academic adviser for some Cornell students in my Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering I enjoy getting to know the hopes and dreams of these young people.   Therefore, whenever I get to share a lift ride with some of the team members (or their coach)  I like to lead them  into telling me their stories.   It is an enriching experience not only to hear their professional and personal stories but also to hear about their ski experiences and aspirations.   (And it sure makes the lift ride go by fast!)  Also this year one of my students Garrett Wafler has gone out for the ski team.   He tried his hand at crew but discovered the time commitment was beyond his desire.   I will look forward to his success with the ski team.
Coaching Tips

Smile for the Camera

Charge Those Gates
    Go Big Red!!  Have a great season!

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