Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What Is Better Than Skiing?

Geezers at Coffee
When the ski season is in progress, I can't think of anything better to do than ski.   And that means to make to the best of each ski day, whatever the conditions.   However, today I had to rethink that attitude.
   I arrived at the ski slope anticipating at least some reasonable conditions for the first runs of the day.   Much to my surprise everything was scratchy and icy.   I was determined to make the best of it.   Get those edges into the ice and maintain control!  After an hour or so I'll admit to some discouragement.  Time for an early coffee break and my apple fritter.
   That's when the day got more satisfying.   At the lodge I was greeted with laughter and derision by two of my geezer friends Joe and Gene.   They had wisely halted their assault on the hill and were swapping stories of days past and days to come.   I was happy to join them and since the slopes were so absurdly grim we spent a good three quarters of an hour regaling each other with tales of ski days past.
   A coffee break with geezers better than skiing?   I guess so today!

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