Friday, December 16, 2011

Wimpy Start

     Today was the first day of the 2011-2012 ski season at Greek Peak.   The only way I could characterize it is, a wimpy beginning.   Most of the first two weeks of December has been warm with essentially no lasting snow.   Only in the past week have we had enough cold weather for snow making.   Enough snow making to open one slope from top to bottom.      Today's surface was mostly groomed frozen granular that skied fast.   Fortunately the crowd was small and conditions did not very quickly deteriorate.
    A noticeable improvement at the top of Elysian Fields was a new Ski Patrol building.  (See photo below).   I expect this will enable a patroller to be stationed at the top of the hill to respond quickly to an emergency.
 New Ski Patrol Building 
    If there was a roll call for Geezer Skiers I am happy to say there was a respectable representation.  The following would have been present for duty:  Andy, Pat, Bob(no poles), Harold,  and Gerry.   Also maybe three others whose names escape me at the moment.   We all played cautiously in view of the conditions.   Meanwhile we are looking forward to improvement of the conditions with new snow making and some natural snow.   Let us hope that the quality of the season improves as we move into the new year.
     Happy Holidays to all!

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