Sunday, December 11, 2011

Honoring the 90+ Geezers

    I have the pleasure of playing tennis on almost a weekly basis with a group of geezers.  Some are near my age but at least three of our group are much older with a couple in the 90's.   I particularly admire the 90 year olds who still have the vigor, enthusiasm and competitive spirit for the game.   Our doubles play is mostly for the joy of the game but we all  like to do our best to win the set.   Our 90 year olds may not move as fast as they once did but they still have the strokes that have been honed over the decades they have been playing.   They continue to be my heroes and give me the hope to be out on the court  a decade or so from now.  My partners Carman, Alan and Paul for the past week are shown below (none of them are 90!).   Alan, who is still recovering from hip surgery was moving better this time and Carman continues to be my partner in taking on Paul and Alan.   And we hold our own.
Carman, Alan, and Paul -Second Set Score 4-4

    In reflection on living to be over 90 it is good to do so if the quality of life remains high.   This past week one of my former and long time colleagues at the university passed away at age 94.    Up until a few years ago he remained active enough to continue to square dance - a life long pleasure in his life.   Recent years were not so kind to him, but his loving wife along with additional caregivers gave him a good quality of care and comfort in a home setting.   A blessing to have expired in his own home.  

     As I age, I am surprised about how many of my acquaintances and colleagues at the university and in the community have reached or exceeded 90.  I enjoy their stories and wisdom and admire their continued contributions to the richness of our society.   Would it be that we all could age as gracefully as these folks.

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