Thursday, March 7, 2013

Third Annual Geezer Skiers Luncheon

  Our tradition of a geezer skiers luncheon is now well established.   Today was our third one with over 40 in attendance.     Our gathering started at  12:30 PM at the  Bobcat Lounge of  Hope Lodge at Greek Peak.  I didn't make the early session!   I was on the slope looking for skiing companion Roger P. who I thought had a crash on the slope since I didn't see him come down on our last run.   The good news is that he didn't crash but slipped by me into the lodge when I wasn't looking.  Oh well, I got in a couple more runs for the day as result of my search.
   Our luncheon starting at 1:30 PM was a great time for fellowship, food and folly.   Master of Ceremonies Larry Monheim entertained us with observations on senior moments we all had experienced one time or another this year.   Our senior moments included forgotten boots, gaiters, poles, passes and distractions getting on and off the lift.   Thankfully we can all laugh about these lapses and continue to enjoy our skiing adventures.   Many thanks to Larry for organizing our event!
   Our very senior group got an update on the future of Greek Peak from Wes Kryger.   As the ski area goes through bankruptcy and restructuring our senior group remains optimistic that our longtime play at Greek Peak will continue uninterrupted.   Let's hope the new buyers will give high priority to the ski community!
  Here are a few pictures of the assembly.   Apologies to those I was unable to name in the photos.  If any of you reading this can help me with the names I'll edit this post. A complete album appears on my Facebook site for those who participate on that social network.   Here is hoping that all pictured will join us for the Fourth Annual Geezer Skiers Luncheon next year!
Nita, Pret, Jack and Carol

?, Gene, and Joe

Baldies - Pat and Andy

Bill, Roger and Bob

Evaline and Larry Monheim

Al and Gerry in the Center.

A Tasty Dish.


Dick, Pat, Andy and Bill.

Everybody Needs a Hug!

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