Saturday, March 30, 2013

Slope Signs of Spring

    The waning days of the 2012-2013 ski season are upon us.   The sure signs of Spring and the end of the season are popping up.   Sunshine and corn snow were a delight for today's skiing.  However there were signs of the end days as well.   As shown below the warning signs for thin and bare spots  were in greater abundance than usual.   However, the still is an abundance of snow and very few of the trails are closed.  
   Other signs of spring include running streams and shirtsleeve apparel and buds forming on the trees.   A ski patrol fund raiser brought out the barbecue at the top of the hill too.  Another sign of Spring at the slope is the emptying of lockers and departure of seasonal residents from their condos. Many of the geezers are also hanging up the skis for the season too.   Fishing and golf calls for many of them.  
  I am one of the die-hards.  It looks like I will be suffering the lonely lift rides for a week as we finish the season.   Tennis beckons me.   My wish would be that when the ski area closes, we immediately have warm enough weather for outside tennis.  Another sign of spring - the nets going up!

John - Ski Patrol Barbecue - Great Hotdogs!

Are those buds coming out?

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