Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Junior High Geezers

 When a group of geezer skiers gather for a coffee break the conversation can veer off into all kinds of unusual directions.   Recently one of our members mentioned an encounter with one of his old junior high schoolmates.  In the course of that encounter they apparently reverted back to their junior high years and behaved that way to the extent that his wife stated that to him!
   For whatever reason that comment triggered a spate of jokes and trickery among the group.   I suspect that the people around us really thought we had gone off the deep end.  I will not relate any of the jokes here since this is a G rated blog.   However, I will mention that Pat R. had a magic finger with a lighted end that was an entertaining gadget.   You would be amazed how the alternately flashing light at the tip could enter and leave various facial cavities, as well as coffee cups and other containers.   Perhaps this behavior is simply one more way of capturing our long past youth.    Laughter is good for our health, just as much as a dozen runs on the ski slope.   Thankfully we have both our physical and mental health therapy on a daily basis.
Pat cutting it up with Frank.  The light must be too bright since their eyes are closed.

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