Thursday, March 14, 2013

Snow Pi

   Today is Pi day.  Yes it is 3.14 or in the calendar sense 3/14.   Math fanatics are all celebrating in one way or another so I thought I should join in with their fun.   Even my daily newspaper crossword puzzle has a Pi theme.    So as a skier on the freshly powdered slopes I thought it appropriate to add a Pi signature to some virgin snow.   Thus a stop on the Odyssey slope at Greek Peak to add Pi to the winter scene.   See the photograph below for verification.   Yes, I made a Snow Pi(e).   I wonder what kind of Pi(e) I could bake to consider it a "snow" Pi(e)?   Oh well, I think I will just bake a white cake with white frosting for my dessert to charge up my energy for another day on the slopes.
Pi on the Slopes

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