Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Belated Birthday Wish

 The dean of our Geezer Skier group Pret Goslee celebrated his 93rd birthday last Sunday.  I regret that I wasn't on the slope to celebrate with him, his grandson and wife Nita.   I did hear from all my geezer associates that were on the slope that he was treated like a rock star for the day.  Wherever he went he was surrounded by well wishers and admirers.   Everyone on  the hill was greeted with a sign at the lift attendants shack announcing Pret's birthday celebration.   The sign was up even on Monday so I was able to get a photo as seen below.
   So, Pret here's wishing you a belated happy birthday and good karma for many more to come.   A search of my photo archives brought forth my photo of your 91st birthday on the slopes in 2011.   See below.   As I saw you today I am convinced you haven't changed a bit over these last two years!   You continue to be a hero for all of us youngsters in our 70's and 80's.   If I get to match your record to date, I have 15 more seasons to go!   All the best to you and your family not only for your skiing prowess, but also for your continued contributions to our community.
Pret - Third from the Left - 2011 Birthday

Public Announcement - Pret - 93

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