Friday, March 23, 2012


     Since my last posting on March 12, 2012 the ski season in my local area has ended.   Friday March 17, 2012 was the last day at Greek Peak ending at noon.   After skiing on the Thursday before, I even missed the last day without much regret in view of the conditions.   Because I am accustomed to skiing throughout March, I am definitely in the the throes of withdrawing from skiing almost every day.   I hate global warming!  If that is what is causing my shortened season.    Meanwhile all my associates are reveling in the warm weather.  On the Cornell Campus today I even photographed the blossoms on the trees in front of Riley-Robb Hall.
    As part of my remedy for withdrawal from skiing I am fortunate to transition to tennis almost every day and even tennis out doors with such balmy weather.   Wife Nancy is a formidable opponent on the tennis court so both of us benefit by having a live-in partner for our tennis adventures.  Another remedy for the transition is to clean all my ski gear and properly store it until the beginning of next season.   Now that all those activities are behind me, I guess I can put the thoughts of skiing to bed and get on with grass mowing, tennis and other activities for the spring and summer.  Probably the thing that prolongs my withdrawal is the pictures of skiing in Utah that my son has posted on Facebook on almost a daily basis since the end of February.   Utah has had some magnificent snowfalls in that period.   However, as a geezer I have to recognize that I am no longer able to master the steeps and deeps that he regularly skis with his companions and family.    I will be satisfied with taking vicarious pleasure in his photos of his adventures.

   I hope that this has been a once in a life time kind of seasons for our local ski area.   I would summarize this season as several weeks of beginning and ending of season scratchy skiing bracketing  a main season of wide swings in slope conditions.   Fortunately there were several days of excellent skiing to keep us going.   I must end with the observation that I am indeed fortunate to have enjoyed 69 days on the slopes this year which is 11 times the average number of days of skiing by skiers in the USA.   Geezer life is good and the season pass for next year has been purchased.   Looking forward to appropriate geezer skier adventures in the off  season.
December 22, 2011 - The Beginning
February 12, 2012 - A Great Mid-Season Day
March 12, 2012 - Beginning of the End of Season

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