Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Bad Day of Skiing?

   Is there such a thing as a bad day of skiing for the avid skier?   I don't think so.  Three geezers started out for the slopes this morning after a very warm night and a devastating loss of snow on the slopes.   Everything looked pretty scratchy on the hill with ice spots, bare spots and water ponding at the lift area.   Three of us went up and three came down.   One departed and then it was up to Andy and I to represent the geezer skiers.
   We managed to adapt to the conditions and survived six runs before we allowed ourselves a coffee break.   Actually it wasn't as bad as one might think.  There were paths down the slope we could still navigate without hitting the dirt.   There was even a group of instructors getting training from a PSIA rep.   Certainly a day to tune up your ability to adapt to any conditions.
   Since we were aiming for a full official day of twelve runs, Andy and I went out to the slopes post coffee break.  Larry had coffee with us to give us courage to continue but he retired to his condo in anticipation of his luncheon hamburger.   During the remainder of the the day we managed another five runs until the rain discouraged us from continuing.   To make the day official we awarded ourselves a one run handicap to make our official twelve.
   No, there is really no such thing as a bad day of skiing!
Thin and Bare - March 8, 2012
Water Pond at the Lift

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