Monday, March 5, 2012

Snow Feast - Snow Bones

   An over night four inch snow fall gave us a beautiful morning on the slopes at Greek Peak.   There was a veritable plethora of fluffy powder waiting to be skied.    It was like a magnificent snow feast prepared to be consumed by the avid skier.   I had the pleasure of the first tracks on Iliad.   It was an exhilarating ride from top to bottom with my skis shooting rooster tails of snow into the bright morning sun.   For over an hour we enjoyed fresh runs on Iliad and Odyssey.     Like any feast it seems that you can't get enough of what is available.   Sating ones appetite is the primal goal.
    As the day wore on the snow became chopped up by the many skiers and the many ski runs.   So what we were left with was the "snow bones" from the early morning pristine snow feast.   Even the "snow bones" were fun to gnaw on.   The low temperatures kept the snow light and fluffy even after it had been disturbed.   I feasted until my legs could stand no more.   A memorable day on the slopes.   Let us hope for at least a few more for the rest of the season.
Snow Feast

"Snow Bones"

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