Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring - A Rash of Trash

    We are in the waning days of the ski season.   Extremely warm days and nights have devastated the base and more warm weather is on its way.   There is great beauty in both spring and winter.  Winter snow cover can be beautiful white in contrast with the browns and grays of the trees.   Spring beauty comes with the promise of new flowers and the budding of the trees.   Bare patches begin to green up with the increased temperatures and sunlight.
   However, spring does reveal the trash.    I always thought that skiers should be appreciative of the mountain environment and want to maintain the quality of their surroundings.   Unfortunately humankind has people who would rather throw the trash from the ski lift than carry it to a trash can.   I feel a sort of affinity for the ski area which means I expect respect for the environment.   Sunday while riding up Chair 2 at Greek Peak, I was struck by the accumulation of trash under the lift line.   The photo captures some of the worst of it near one of the towers.    It only takes one piece of trash to start a cascade of further trash.   Just like I have said before that little things make a difference, it only takes one irresponsible person to start a rash of trash.     I remember the days when roadsides were extensively littered with trash.   Anti-litter campaigns have been partially successful in reducing roadside trash in part due to serious fines for littering.   I would like to institute a ski area ordinance of $100 fines for  littering from the lift.   The proceeds would  go to support the Adaptive Ski Sports program.   What do you all think?
Trash Under the Tower at Left

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