Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Fun

  Another Super Bowl has is history.  Like millions of other Americans I watched the game, ads and half time show and enjoyed it all.   All of it was hyped to be "super" activities.  Probably most of us were super consumers of drinks and snacks too.   When I stepped on the scales this morning I was shocked by my super increase in weight.

Fireman's Games
    There are many ways to have "super fun".   Saturday the Fireman's Association of New York State had their winter games at Greek Peak.   Firemen in their full turn out gear competed in a number of events.    One of the events was a timed pull of a snow maker on  a sled.   See below.   Although they had to put out a lot of energy they truly enjoyed a demonstration of their machismo.   Hats off to these guys and gals of both the volunteer and paid ilk who sometimes risk their lives to save people and property.   I am proud of one of my sons-in-law who contributes to their number.
Gerry, Larry and Andy
Roger, Larry and Andy
   Today was a super fun day on the ski slope.   Although we have suffered  a serious lack of natural snow this winter, the Greek Peak crew has manage to provide some pretty good skiing.   Today was especially great with excellently groomed trails.   Along with the excellent spring like snow conditions we enjoyed magnificent bright sun, cloudless blue skies and no wind.   Many of the geezers were present  and we skied many more runs than usual.   I even hung out until mid afternoon.   Perhaps the photos  capture the essence of the super fun of the day.  Lots of laughs and great conversation.

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