Friday, February 17, 2012

Gaggle of Geezers

  The sunshine of this day inspired a gaggle of geezers to appear on the slopes.   (By the way a gaggle applies to a group of geese not in flight.   So I guess the fact that the geezer skiers probably no longer "catch air" while skiing makes them qualify for the gaggle description.)
       It was an absolutely beautiful morning.   Sparkling snow, blue skies and bright sunshine welcomed us to the lift at 9:30 AM.   Although there were many geezers nearly first in line, there were many of the early President's week vacationers on site as well.   It was a day of great fun on the hill and an immense gathering for a coffee break.   All in all a great day to  be alive.
A Beautiful Morning

A Gaggle of Geezers
Bob, Pat,Tony, Roger,Andy, Larry and Pete

A Gaggle of Coffee Drinkers

Nita and Pret - Our Heroes
   It has also been a special day for me with the arrival of my first great-grandchild Keelin Sue McCrory born at 4:40 PM.   I must qualify now as a double geezer!
Great-Granddaughter Keelin Sue McCrory - 4 lb 15 oz

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