Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Play Date for Geezer Skiers

   I am aware that many of my toddler and somewhat older preschool grandchildren have play dates with their friends.   They get together for games and activities, have snacks and lunches and sometimes have naps.   At the risk of offending my geezer friends, I would liken our day at Toggenburg ski area as a play date for geezer skiers.
   Seven  of us gathered at Toggenburg today to play on the slopes, drink some coffee,  eat a great lunch and swap stories (and lies?) for a enjoyable day.   The ski conditions were superb and the early morning sun brightened our path down the hill.   Everyone had a joke or story to tell.   The conversation was free flowing with each person making a unique contribution.
  The Toggenburg staff and management were  cordially welcoming and in many ways treated us like royalty.   Our lunch at the Foggy Goggle restaurant was superb in food quantity and quality and excellent service. ( I regret that I didn't take a photo of our lunches like my son or daughter would do on one of their adventures).  The food presentation was as pleasing as the quality of the food.
   Some of our group were ready for a nap on the ride home.   Toddlers and geezer have a lot in common.   We all agreed that we heartily recommend any skier to enjoy pleasant and economical days of skiing and eating at Toggenburg.

Back Row: Bob, Andy, Roger, Dick, Larry, and Pat
Center: Gerry

Larry and Pat - Post Coffee Break

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